How to change salary when interns are onboarded ?


How to change salary when interns are onboarded ?

2 years, 10 months ago
Use Case :
Company has hired an employee as intern. After seeing his performance they decide to onboard him.
Company wants to pay salary as:
  • The stipend till his last date of internship in the month.
  • New salary for remaining days of month from the date when he is onboarded as full time employee

Solution : For this scenario the solution will be :
  • Apply resignation from the interns existing account and enter last working date as the date on which internship is ending.
  • Create new account as full time employee with the date of joining from which his employment is changed.
  • Assign the dummy email Id to existing account as email ID may not be unique. Add new salary to new account of employee.
  • When we will run the payroll both the accounts will have their respective share of salary as per the number of working days he worked as intern and full time.
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